In the distant 2015 at the San Pellegrino Young Chef competition, where Eldar Muradov was a participant, Dmitry Bogachev became his mentor. As a result of this mentoring, Eldar became the best chef in the region and went to represent his homeland at the final of the competition in Milan.
This meeting became fateful - Dmitry and Eldar realized that they were thinking the same way and were ready to move on searching of their own unique style.
It took 2 years from the thought of creating their own restaurant to its opening. A new project, Mr. Bo, was unusual for a sophisticated Saint-Petersburg and knocked out 3 strikes in a row: Asian direction / unusual taste combinations / courage to the point of insolence.
Asia was not chosen by chance, not in tribute to the fashion for poke and ramen. Brightness, a huge palette of strong flavors that you can endlessly juggle, discovering new shades - this is an inexhaustible source of emotions that the chef and the guest exchange with each other.
In the Mr. Bo menu there are no canonical traditional recipes. Every dish is the result of a search for something new and unexpected: oysters with stracciatella or passionfruit, begonia and aloe, beetroot sponge cake with celery granite.
191028 Maneznij per.2, Saint-Petersburg
Working time :12 pm - 11 pm
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